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5 Advantages of Using a Web-based Timesheet Software


In the modern age, we have today offers us a lot of benefits such as having web-based software to help companies manage their operations. It is truly amazing having a high-tech system that can manage employee schedules and PTO through a cloud-based timesheet software. What is a timesheet software? A timesheet software is a digital solution or system involving scheduling, the filing of vacation leaves and sick leaves, viewing of a number of hours worked and absences, and submission and approval of timesheet requests. Let's look at the advantages of using a timesheet software.


1. Transparency. This is the number one advantage of having timesheet software free software because the system provides complete information of an employee's number of hours worked in a week, month or year, so as with the number of days accrued for vacation leaves, sick leaves, filing of schedule changes, schedule swaps, and other payroll and HR functions. The HR administrator receives all requests via the system through alerts.


2. Flexibility. Having a system to manage schedules and PTO offers employees an opportunity to properly plan their vacation, make changes when needed and make a request without having to personally approach the scheduler or administrator. An employee can delete a PTO and apply it in another date but still within company rules. The system has the capability to flag abusive filing of PTO or sick leaves.


3. Reliability. Your employees feel more confident having a timesheet software that is transparent and self-managed. It gives them an assurance that there is no favoritism or under the table transactions when it comes to PTO filing and approval because web-based timesheet software is automated and not done by an actual HR staff. The administrator can apply rules applicable according to the company policy be able to override them.


4. Credibility. Having a web-based timesheet software gives assurance and confidence to your employees that PTO or schedules are not being manipulated or influenced by subjective reasoning.  For more details about software, visit


5. Good reputation. Your company's reputation is uplifted encouraging quality job seekers to apply in your company because of the advanced system you have not just for a competitive compensation.


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